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Good Corporate Governance

Managing Director

The manual of the Managing Directors explains structure, role and responsibility, tasks divisionalization, meetings, organization, and work ethic as guidance in achieving vision and mision of the Institution.

Managing Director

The Managing Directors are responsible to the Executive Director for operational activities of the supervised field

The duties of Managing Directors are:

  • Support the Executive Director in the Institution’s operational activities accordance with Act No. 2/2009.
  • Support the Executive Director in institutional management.
  • Support the Executive Director in implementing GCG in all of the Institution’s business activities to all organization level and line.
  • Support the Executive Director to follow up audit findings and recommendations from Internal Audit Unit, External Audit, and/or supervision assessment from the Minister of Finance and/or certain supervision assessment from other authorities.
  • Support the Executive Director in forming a work guideline and order that are binding for Executive Director and Managing Directors.



Pedoman Kerja

Managing Director