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Products & Services

Products and Services

We are committed to continuously support the national export performances, increasing the added-value and competitiveness of export commodities to strive global challenges through providing Financing, Guarantees, Insurance and Advisory Services

Coaching Program for New Exporters

Coaching Program For New Exporter (CPNE) is a special program designed for export-oriented SMEs to provide training and intensive coaching assistance

Through CPNE, Indonesia Eximbank organizes socialization, training, exhibitions, counseling and other activities to non-group and group entities who are members of the Farmers Association (Gapoktan). There are series of training offered namely: production aspect, financial, organization management, administrative arrangement, target market, and product advantages. Therefore SMEs would produce export-quality products. Through this program, Indonesia Eximbank guides SMEs to become new exporters. In addition, Indonesia Eximbank also facilitates CPNE participants to join international exhibition to boost their business into the global market.