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Products & Services

Products and Services

We are committed to continuously support the national export performances, increasing the added-value and competitiveness of export commodities to strive global challenges through providing Financing, Guarantees, Insurance and Advisory Services

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We carry out corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities as a manifestation of continuing responsibility and commitment towards all stakeholders including employees, stakeholders, and the environment

The implementation of Indonesia Eximbank’s CSR involves 4 (four) activities, which are: i) responsibility to the environment, ii) responsibility to social and community development, iii) responsibility to labor, health, and occupational safety, and iv) responsibility to the customer.

Actively contribute to Indonesia’s development through community empowerment and development of export-based economic fundamental according to the Institution’s vision and mission.


  1. Improve skills and knowledge through capacity building towards prosperity of Indonesian people.
  2. Improve the synergy between institutions in advancing the economy supported by export-oriented SMEs.
  3. Enable SMEs to export their products.

Community Development refers to various activities conducted for the bene t of communities in order to help these communities improve their social-economic welfare and quality of life, through the development of existing potentials.

Export-supporting facilities refer to assistance given to help improve the production capacity and quality of export-oriented products. These facilities are provided only to debtors' work partners or other relevant parties by priority.

Social donation refers to activities conducted as part of responsibility towards environment preservation as well as assistance in the form of facilities and infrastructure.