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We are committed to continuously support the national export performances, increasing the added-value and competitiveness of export commodities to strive global challenges through providing Financing, Guarantees, Insurance and Advisory Services

Custom Bond

The Import L/C Guarantee Facility is the facility provided by Indonesia Eximbank in the form of guarantee (Confirmation) for the L/C issued by another Bank at the request of the Customer/Exporter for the procurement of raw materials or spare parts (including machinery) in the framework of the goods and services export activities.

Ensuring that the issued Import L/C is acceptable to the Beneficiary, so that the process of procurement of the raw materials and/or spare parts (including machinery) from overseas in the framework of the goods and services export activities will be carried out smoothly.


1.Implementing Bank

2. Customer/Exporter


1. The type of the L/C that may be guaranteed is in the form of a Sight L/C or a Term (Usance) L/C.

2. The Guarantee Value, the guarantee is in the amount of the issued L/C.

3. The time period of the Guaranteed L/C, the time period of the guaranteed Import L/C is adjusted to the time period of a trade cycle, with the maximum of 360 (three hundred sixty) days, consisting of:

4. The guarantee currency is Rupiah or another Foreign Currency approved by Indonesia Eximbank.

5. The Fee, any application for the Import L/C Guarantee approved by Indonesia Eximbank will be incurred with the Confirming Fee.

The application for the Import L/C Guarantee facility to Indonesia Eximbank shall be submitted by the Implementing Bank by attaching the documents as follows:

  1. The copy of the issued Import L/C.
  2. The bank Conviction Analysis of the Customer/Exporter.