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Products & Services

Products and Services

We are committed to continuously support the national export performances, increasing the added-value and competitiveness of export commodities to strive global challenges through providing Financing, Guarantees, Insurance and Advisory Services


Indonesia Eximbank provides insurance services against the risk of export failure, the risk of failure to pay, for the investment made by Indonesian companies abroad, and/or political risk in a country of export destination

This product provides protection for Indonesian Exporters and Indonesian investors overseas against any possible losses due to any commercial or political risks. The insurance protection undertaken by Indonesia Eximbank includes:

Advantages of Insurance protection from Indonesia Eximbank:

Providing the Guarantee for the third parties (Project Owner/’Bouwheer’/Guarantee Recipients) for the obligation of fulfilling the performance of the guaranteed parties (Principal/Contractor/Guaranteed). The Guarantee that may be issued by Indonesia Eximbank includes the Guarantee for the Construction Services and/or the Procurement of Goods and Guarantee in connection with the Deferment/Exemption of  Excise Facilities

a. Guarantee for Construction Services and/or Goods Procurement Services:

b. Guarantee for Deferment / Exemption of Excise Facilities
Import Facility for Export Purpose (KITE)

Providing guarantee for possible failures in the repayment of the financing facilities provided by the Banks / Financing Institutions for the debtors. This product is widely used by the Financial Institutions/Banks to maintain good relationships and increase the loyalty of their Customers, because through the guarantee from Indonesia Eximbank, the banks will be more confident to provide the financing facilities for their debtors who have the business feasibility prospects but are not adequately bankable.