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Good Corporate Governance

Whistle Blowing System

One important aspect in enhancing the principles of Corporate Governance is to improve the effectiveness of fraud control system. To realize this, a Whistleblowing system has been established and applied

Whistle Blowing System

Types of violations that can be reported are:

  • Violating laws, such as signature forgery, corruption, embezzlement, mark-up, drug abuse, breaking items;
  • Violating the Code of Conducts, such as conflicts of interest, harassment, involved in banned community activities;
  • Committing frauds in financing, underwriting, insurance and consultancy services including in the provision of financial resources for the activities of the institution, fund placement activities, procurement of goods and services and other operations which may cause financial or non-financial loss to the institution;
  • Violating the generally accepted accounting principles and policies and operational procedures of the institution;
  • Making actions that endanger the Institution’s safety and soundness.

How to Submit a Report
Violations in the Reporting Violations complaints system can be reported through:

  • Letter, sent to PO BOX;
  • E-mail;
  • Other electronic systems.

Protection for Whistleblower
Protections for whistleblower are given by:

  • Providing independent, free, and confidential facilities for whistleblowing;
  • Keeping the confidentiality of the whistleblower identity;
  • Giving Protection to the whistleblower from retaliation from the reported Party.

Complaint Handling
Incoming reports will be forwarded to the verifier under direct supervision from Head of Compliance unit and will be followed up by the relevant unit.

Parties that Manage Complaints The work unit assigned to handle and manage complaints is the Compliance Unit in collaboration with the Internal Audit unit and Human Resources and General Affair Unit.

Results of Handling Complaints
Reports are followed up by the Internal Audit unit as the investigators with high confidentiality in collaboration with Human Resources and General Affairs Unit.